John-William Jeweller located in Mountain Brook, AL

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81 Church Street, Suite 101
Mountain Brook, Alabama 35213
Crestline Village, Church Street at Euclid Avenue




William Bromberg,
30 years in the diamond/jewelry industry. A graduate of the Gemological Institute of America of Carlsbad, CA and the American Gem Society of Las Vegas, Nevada. The business was formed in 2003 in Homewood, a suburb of Birmingham, Alabama.




Mission Statement

To ethically and with full disclosure bring to market fine diamond / jewelry products suitable for a highly discerning clientele.




About Our Diamonds

We do not deal in conflict diamonds. All of our diamonds are ethically sourced and we adhere to the Kimberly Process working only with diamond suppliers who can document the source of their rough. Additionally, we have a thorough understanding of the supply chain and are able to track our diamonds from mine to market.

We do not offer for sale diamonds with grading reports or certificates originating outside the United States. It is our experience that these reports can be grossly inaccurate and thus as a whole we consider overseas diamond grading reports untrustworthy. We will gladly explain the pitfalls of "international" grading reports that while useless and immerito within the diamond community, are a minefield you will have to navigate when choosing a diamond.




About Our Jewelry

"Its not beautiful because its beautiful, its beautiful because someone likes it" - The Art of Design by Bruno Munari 1971.

You will like our jewelry.