Birmingham Jewelry Repair, Consultation & Appraisals Services


We offer timely jewelry & watch repair, consultation & appraisals, jewelry design & manufacture. We offer at no charge a wealth of experience and knowledge. We have seen every conceivable type of jewelry damage, design gone awry and fanciful appraisal. You do not have a problem, you simply need our services. A special note, we are asked frequently if we can reproduce antique mounts from images found on the internet. The answer is an enthusiastic YES, absolutely we can.




Selling Your Jewelry

We will buy your jewelry or take your jewelry on consignment and sell it for you. When we make an offer on your items it is exclusively for resale in our shop/site. We do not use a buying group or estate wholesaler who buys pieces from you for the purpose of resale to other retailers. It does make a significant difference in the amount you are offered. All transactions are handled respectfully and discretely.