The John-William Guarantee

Your Guarantee

You have our money back guarantee that every item in our shop and on this site is exactly as described, with no exceptions. Further, we offer diamonds with grading reports from the GIA, EGL/USA and AGS. Our colored gems, when noted as natural or origin specific, have reports from the AGL and AGTA. Each vintage, period and signed piece is vetted before being placed on this site.

AGL - American Gemeological Laboratory
AGS - American Gem Society
AGTA - American Gem Trade Association
EGL USA European Gemological Laboratory USA
GIA - Gemological Institute Of America

You will receive a Purchase Report with your transaction, it will describe the item in detail, including all essential information from its description on the site. This document serves as the appraisal you will need to obtain insurance. We want you to enjoy piece of mind with every purchase, we want to enjoy it too.